about NeoDay

We are more than a software vendor – we know loyalty. We know how to turn leads into customers, and customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

this is NeoDay

NeoDay is an all-in loyalty software solution developed by Magneds, a full-service loyalty management provider with 15+ years of experience in running award winning loyalty campaigns for renowned brands. We developed our unique, no-code SaaS technology to empower businesses to offer their customers a relevant and personalized experience, with minimum effort and no IT-support or third parties involved.


NeoDay is operated from its headquarters in The Netherlands, as well as offices in the Philippines and Serbia. We have a team of 50+ colleagues who share a passion for development and innovation. Our awards in international loyalty are a token of our innovation and high-quality standards.

Flexible, scalable and future-proof.

real-life recognition

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“Heineken [Biertegoed] has shown how a company can pull together two distribution channels and engage with customers to show benefit across both of them. It is a groundbreaking initiative.”
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“Pathé Cinemas’ program [All Stars] is another superb example. Several judges of the Awards said they were jealous that they had not been directly involved in designing this program. […] The most impressive thing about ‘Pathé All Stars’ is its sheer comprehensiveness: less a loyalty program; more, an all-singing , all-dancing digital loyalty ecosystem.”

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“[FrieslandCampina Eurosparen] An impressive example of FMCG loyalty that provides a customer connection on various unique channels to achieve personal relationships with individuals across multiple brands.”
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“This is the first time there has been a joint winner for a category of the Loyalty Awards but it was far too difficult to choose between these two outstanding entries that achieved creative execution, engagement with their target audience, superb use of technology, gamification and connected use of mobile and social. Lidl Belgium launched first, and then Lidl Slovakia enhanced the programme.”

At NeoDay, we are committed to helping businesses build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. Our mission is to provide innovative and effective solutions that drive loyalty and engagement, while continuously striving for excellence and innovation in everything we do.

why NeoDay?

Unprecedented Time to Market

Benefit from out-of-the-box features, easy integration with your existing tech stack and a no-code campaign creation interface, making it possible to go live in 10 weeks. This also includes your own native mobile app, launched fast, hassle-free and fully tested.

AI Powered Loyalty

Let AI define customer segments you cannot identify yourself and use them to create tailored personalization, prevent churn and take the right actions to turn bronze users into golden, gradually increasing their CLV.

We Are Marketeers

NeoDay is more than a software vendor. We have 15+ years of experience in running award winning loyalty campaigns for renowned brands, and packed all this knowledge and expertise in our powerful loyalty solution. By marketeers, for marketeers.

The birth of NeoDay

NeoDay is the result of 25+ years of experience in digital marketing, campaigning and loyalty. Now distilled into one cutting-edge, future-proof solution. Ready to serve all loyalty innovators.

NeoDay's Roots

Founding of Magneds

Provider of digital loyalty marketing services.


Birth of the UniQode

Development of a unique and innovative (QR) coding technology.


XXXX campaigns


Extending to offline

Entering the market into offline loyalty, captivating customers with instant reward campaigns.


Kids loyalty 3.0

Revolutionizing kids promotions with UniQode technology. Allowing digital customer identification, collecting and rewarding.


Hybrid loyalty promotions

Adding UniQodes to loyalty promotions combining off- and online possibilities.


Birth of NeoDay

Combining all knowledge, experience and technology into an innovative and disruptive SaaS solution.


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