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Dia Press Release

Dia España, a retail leader in proximity in Spain, has launched their revamped loyalty program with NeoDay Loyalty Platform, embarking on their digital transformation journey.

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Award Winning Cases

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Pathé Allstars​

Creating Meaningful Moments by facilitating and rewarding common traits in customer behavior. Like visiting the Pathé Cinemas together with friends.

Visit Frequency

Food & Beverages sales

Personalized campaigns

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Layered loyalty marketing wins. Higher customer satisfaction by rewarding customers for relevant incremental purchases.

Zero party data

Up & cross sell

Customer Satisfaction

App usage

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Heineken Biertegoed

Heinekens award winning omnichannel campaign:
from retail to app, to bars.

From retail to bars

retail transactions 

bar transactions

Brand atittude

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A digital, direct channel with customers, with 3-fold ROI: Increased sales, zero & first party data collection, while removing all logitics administration between partners, Texaco and its customers.

Up & Cross sell

Zero & first party data

Integrate partners

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NeoDay News, Cases & Insights

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Emotional loyalty: where to start?

Watch how Loyalty Experts Philip Shelper, Brian Manusama and Tom Peace sharing their thoughts on creating an emotional connection with your customers. A 45 min must watch on Customer Engagement!

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Loyalty: The missing link in customer experience

Brian Manusama of Actionary about adjusting to your customers' changing needs, and the crucial role of flexible platforms like NeoDay.

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Ensuring retention through customer engagement

How Mobilexpense ensures impressive retention metrics through a company wide customer engagement strategy.

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Customer Acquisition Cost : Customer Lifetime Value Ratio

Customer Acquisition Cost : Customer Lifetime Value-Ratio

In episode 6 of 'A Cup of Loyal-Tea' we dive into the metric that is called Customer Acquisition Cost : Customer Lifetime Value Ratio