Redefining loyalty through customer engagement

Increases CLV, decreases churn without needing any IT skills

With the NeoDay all-in-one loyalty marketing software

Redefining Loyalty through Customer Engagement

Increases CLV and decreases churn without needing any IT skills

With the Neoday All-In-One Loyalty Marketing Software

You can be up and running within 10 weeks

Lets walk you through a free, tailored, 30 minute demo

An all-inclusive loyalty marketing platform

loyalty marketing made easy

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drag & drop

Marketing technology as marketeers are used to: Intuitive, no-code, without compromising quality

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All key loyalty marketing features out-of-the-box. Successful customer engagement doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel.

loyalty program
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Fully API-based, seamless integrations: Aligning on and offline touchpoints is key.

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From customer engagement to actionable insights: Smart & relevant performance dashboards

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What do the experts think?

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“NeoDay is an astonishingly sophisticated loyalty platform. The flexibility to spin-up engagement campaigns in real-time is a marketers dream..”

Philip Shelper
CEO – Loyalty & Reward Co., Author of the Loyalty must read “Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide”

Loyalty Marketing Inspiration

news, cases & insights

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Loyalty: The missing link in customer experience

Brian Manusama of Actionary about adjusting to your customers' changing needs, and the crucial role of flexible platforms like NeoDay.

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Ensuring retention through customer engagement

How Mobilexpense ensures impressive retention metrics through a company wide customer engagement strategy.

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Customer Acquisition Cost : Customer Lifetime Value Ratio

Customer Acquisition Cost : Customer Lifetime Value-Ratio

In episode 6 of 'A Cup of Loyal-Tea' we dive into the metric that is called Customer Acquisition Cost : Customer Lifetime Value Ratio