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Different companies face different challenges. That’s why NeoDay’s features are bundled into editions to fit exactly what your business needs.

from leads to loyalty

A journey to convert consumers to customers

Perhaps your business is still in its early stage and you have yet to build a customer base. Or you are bursting with creative campaign ideas, but implementing them has been a struggle. NeoDay’s editions have been formulated to meet three of the main business needs – Leads, Conversion and Loyalty. The NeoDay support team can help tailor your license to your company’s profile.
NeoDay - leads edition

leads edition

engage the unknown

Boost your lead generation with engaging luck-, knowledge- and skill games. Collect valuable marketing opt-ins through pre-defined, easy to implement gamified campaigns.

conversion edition

enrich every experience

Convert your leads into targeted customers (First Party Data) through smart, personalized campaigning with endless possibilities.
NeoDay - conversion edition
Loyalty edition

loyalty edition

embrace the loyal

Develop a future-proof relationship with your customers through a smart and scalable program that rewards them for their loyalty.

neoday edition comparison & pricing

NeoDay provides tailor-made loyalty at clear and transparent pricing

NeoDay is ready to take your company to the next level. It’s time to find the best solution for your own purpose and particular needs. NeoDay editions allow you to find the strategy that suits your brand best. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our pricing is based on your chosen edition and the campaign frequency you expect. Based on your input, we will prepare a custom-made proposal – tailored to your budget to keep your costs manageable.

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