NeoDay in FMCG

Increase brand loyalty with innovative campaigning, without the need for code or third parties for implementation.

Identify and reward your consumers

As an FMCG supplier, you need to offer something extra to stay ahead of private labels without costing your business in price reductions. Short term activations like sales promotions and cashbacks briefly deliver increased sales, but fail to provide insight into your customers.  


NeoDay’s UniQode bridges your offline product and your online touchpoints, offering unique insights into your campaign participation. Ask for an opt-in to get to know your customer and stay in touch. This presents the best opportunity to influence their purchasing habits and withstand the decreasing reach of your ATL campaigns and the increasing power of the (online) retailer. Bring your customers from off trade to on trade or even engage them with a long-term loyalty platform to increase both penetration and repeat purchases. 


NeoDay takes the technical work off your hands and offers the possibility of fast, flexible and scalable shopper activation. 

favored features in FMCG

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Component - Campaigns
Your well-known shopper activations like cashbacks and (multi-)buy-and-get offers, but smarter. Use a digital platform with innovative receipt scanning abilities to gather profound insights. Ask for opt-ins to stay in touch with your buyers.
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Component - UniQode
The bridge between your physical products and the endless possibilities online. Customers enter a code, referring to the product SKU to participate in a win promotion or cashback, providing you with unparalleled insights.
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Component - Gamification
Collect valuable marketing opt-ins through pre-defined, easy to implement gamified campaigns. Recognizable games with a low participation threshold but a high perceived value.
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Component - Image Recognition
If printing codes on packaging is not an option, you can still reward your customer for their buying behavior through NeoDay’s innovative receipt scanning features. Easy campaign entry for your customer, minimal hassle for you.
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Component - Survey
An easy and accessible way to discover how your buyers rate your products. Moreover, NeoDay allows you to connect any kind of reward to a survey participation – from digital coupons to sweepstakes.

Ready to take your campaigns to the next level?


Use creative loyalty solutions to identify your customers and incite them to keep coming back to your shop.


Increase brand loyalty with next-level campaigning, without the need for code or third parties for implementation.


Employ innovative means to fight market challenges, like electric cars and changing customer needs.


Entertain and engage your audience through powerful gamified campaigns, perfectly suited to your industry.

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