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Entertain and engage your audience through powerful gamified campaigns, perfectly suited to your industry.

Roll out the red carpet

The entertainment industry is in an unpredictable place; the effects of the pandemic are still present, and streaming services are increasing their dominance. If you want customers to visit you in today’s climate, they need a powerful reason. Encourage brand loyalty by rewarding customers with exclusive benefits or experiences. From low-threshold gamified campaigns to a long-term loyalty platform that rolls out the red carpet for your most loyal visitors. Create memories connected to your brand and become part of the stories people tell.

favored features in leisure & entertainment

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Component - Campaigns
Use the campaign builder to develop innovative campaigns that align with the leisure & entertainment industry and help you increase visit frequency. You could introduce challenges such as visiting 3 films of the same genre within a certain period, or a casino vault being opened when a lucky visitor’s customer card is scanned… let’s get creative!
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Component - Gamification
With their playful reputation, gamified campaigns like wheels of fortune and scratch cards fit seamlessly into the entertainment industry. Use them to attract new visitors or increase visit frequency.
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Component - Customer card

The ultimate device to track your visitor’s behavior and offer the most fitting communication and rewards. The digital customer card can also be used to make location access more efficient. 

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Component - Reward shop
Let frequent visitors choose their favorite rewards in a fully customizable reward shop. In addition to third party rewards, you can consider offering your own merchandise or enrich future visits with coupons for free drinks.
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Component - Coupons
Use digital coupons to enrich your visitor’s experience on location, with free drinks, discounts or other privileges. Coupons can be fully customized and personalized, and given as a reward for desired behavior.
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Component - Tiering
Divide your audience into distinct groups based on their behavior and reward them accordingly. A way to give your most loyal visitors the VIP experience. Digital customer cards can fully automate the granting of status level and corresponding rewards.
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Component - Survey
An easy and accessible way to discover what your customers think. Moreover, NeoDay allows you to connect any kind of reward to survey participation; this could include loyalty currency, digital coupons or even a sweepstake or lottery entry.

Ready to engage your audience in new ways?


Use creative loyalty solutions to identify your customers and incite them to keep coming back to your shop.


Increase brand loyalty with next-level campaigning, without the need for code or third parties for implementation.


Employ innovative means to fight market challenges, like electric cars and changing customer needs.


Entertain and engage your audience through powerful gamified campaigns, perfectly suited to your industry.

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