NeoDay in petrol

Employ innovative campaigns to fight market challenges, such as electric cars and changing customer demands.

Incentivize your customers

The rise of electric vehicles calls for new loyalty solutions. New incentives are needed to entice customers to come in. Incentives suited to the customer journey of today; whether it’s a traditional, quick transaction or a longer electric charging session. Set up online activations with minimum effort and enjoy all the benefits of a digital platform. Offering the key to participation (partly) location-based, such as code vouchers or geofencing, gives customers a reason to come to your station.

favored features in petrol

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Component - Campaigns
Use the campaign builder to develop innovative campaigns that fit the petrol industry and help you attract traffic and collect opt-ins. These could be challenges to refuel to an exact amount, visit multiple stations in a specific period, buy ice cream at the station when it’s +25° – NeoDay can support your vision!
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Component - Customer card
All the familiar benefits of a loyalty card and more in digital form. Link win- and savings promotions to scanning the card, segment your visitors and send perfectly targeted communications.
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Component - Coupons
Add an extra dimension to coffee- or car wash vouchers by digitizing them, making them measurable and fully customizable.
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Component - Tiering
Add tiering to your loyalty program to personalize communication and reward distribution for your customer segments. A digital customer card makes things easy by fully automating the granting of status level and corresponding rewards.
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Component - POS
A stable and secure connection with your Point of Sale system leads to valuable data, that provides endless opportunities to reward refueling or in-store transactions. Targeted and personalized. The NeoDay marketplace offers the most common POS integrations, but any custom integration can be provided by the support team.

Ready to take on the new challenges petrol stations face today?


Use creative loyalty solutions to identify your customers and incite them to keep coming back to your shop.


Increase brand loyalty with next-level campaigning, without the need for code or third parties for implementation.


Employ innovative means to fight market challenges, like electric cars and changing customer needs.


Entertain and engage your audience through powerful gamified campaigns, perfectly suited to your industry.

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