NeoDay's solution

NeoDay stems from a 15+-year proven track record in creating award-winning campaigns and loyalty programs. This end-to-end solution simplifies campaigns for any business – nurturing your customers from the beginning to become long-term ambassadors for your brand.

neoday's solution

from leads to loyalty

NeoDay enables you to take full control over your marketing & sales campaigns. Attract leads, convert them into customers and build personalised relationships. NeoDay provides you with the solution to easily organise year-round next level campaigning. From leads to loyalty.

end-to-end solution

With NeoDay’s SAAS solution, you are in full control of the entire campaign lifecycle. From managing the frontend of customer interaction to controlling the backend of valuable data through a powerful, easy-to-use backoffice interface, tailored to fit your license and wishes.

You are in control

The backoffice is your all-access pass to a visual campaign builder, the conditions behind your promotion, and a WYSIWYG editor to fit the campaign seamlessly into your brand identity without any design knowledge.
In Control

No coding needed

NeoDay’s no-code approach works for companies of any size. Its intuitive interface allows anyone to set up creative campaigns, and learn its features with ease. For companies with more technical experience, its low-code development options offer even more flexibility.

Integrate with your existing stack

Your NeoDay license offers access to our unique marketplace, offering popular third-party integrations like marketing automation solutions, POS integrations and identity providers.
NeoDay Marketplace

Ready to explore NeoDay's solution for you?

NeoDay's playground

Expertise in a wide range of industries provides in-depth knowledge so that NeoDay can offer solutions to any marketing challenge. These are the main industries in which we operate, although NeoDay is at home in all markets.


Use creative loyalty solutions to identify your customers and incite them to keep coming back to your shop.


Increase brand loyalty with next-level campaigning, without the need for code or third parties for implementation.


Employ innovative means to fight market challenges, like electric cars and changing customer needs.


Entertain and engage your audience through powerful gamified campaigns, perfectly suited to your industry.

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