Whether you are creating a one-off campaign to generate leads or a sequence of unique conversion campaigns: you need solid, flexible software that will help you stay ahead of the rapid changes in today’s marketing landscape.

neoday solution

beyond your imagination

Is a lack of time, people and resources holding you back from achieving your marketing objectives? Discover a no-code approach that allows you to swiftly set up creative campaigns yourself through an easy to use, drag-and-drop flow builder. You can spend less time on implementation, and more time on coming up with amazing, innovative campaign ideas. This no-code solution boosts efficiency and provides you with maximum creative freedom.
Continuous campaigning

Continuous campaigning

Easily create and maintain your campaigns. With each new campaign, your existing database is activated and new consumers join, providing you with valuable first party data and unparalleled customer insights. Running impactful campaigns not only increases the value of your database; it also generates input for you to continue adapting and personalising your campaigns and loyalty strategies.

everyone's experience

Create highly targeted customer groups to address their needs best. When customers are faced with the same campaign again and again, it creates fatigue in their minds. By providing a personalized experience, you give them an experience that is tailor-made for their needs. This is how you can generate a loyal customer from a simple lead.
Personalized experience
Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Personalized campaigning doesn’t have to eat up any more of your time and resources. The easy-to-use software enables you to set up your campaigns exactly how you want without a single line of code. Set up one or multiple campaigns simultaneously via the drag-and-drop campaign flow builder and customize them down to the last detail via an intuitive backoffice interface.

Continuous campaign catalogue

A selection of NeoDay’s ever evolving range of campaign types that have worked for our clients. You can combine or connect all these campaigns and more to create the right strategy for your business.

Curious to see how you can develop cutting edge campaigns with minimal effort?

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