So you’ve spent time and effort accumulating a database… Your customers have a hyper-personalized profile that you can use in your campaigns. Now you need to decide how to use it.

neoday solution

from leads to loyalty

Collecting data is not often the problem, but knowing how to use it is. Are you aware of what data you have, how to extract valuable insights from it and how to use it for effective personalization? NeoDay helps you build unique customer journeys with endless personalization and highly relevant interactions, secure and GDPR-proof.
Mass Personalised Campaigning


As a marketeer, targeting your leads correctly can make the difference between retaining or alienating a potential loyal customer. This can be done by leveraging the power of machine learning to predict your customer’s behavior, and automation to personalize and optimize your customer’s journey.


In practice, this means that campaign elements (in- or output) can be the same for all participants, be segmented or be personalized.

1-on-1 communication

Today’s customer expects nothing less than highly relevant and personalized interactions, making them feel heard and appreciated. Collect valuable first party data and use it for relevant omnichannel communication: targeted content, responsive direct e-mails, personal campaigns or notifications and much more. Trigger marketing automation campaigns specifically towards a segment, open up stamp challenges only to specific segments or simply show different content depending on the segment a known user is in. You set the rules!
Tailored solution

Tailored solutions

Personalized campaign elements are a powerful tool to develop promotions that stand out. An example: use (transactional) data to present different customers with a different stamp card that is tailored to their past and current behavior. This way you don’t simply copy existing physical mechanisms to the digital world, but you provide a next level digital solution that makes full use of what the digital world has to offer.

Excited to see how to use your data to take your campaigns to the next level and provide your customers with an optimal experience?

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