Meet NeoDay at Shoptalk Europe!

3-5 June, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

April 23, 2024
Shoptalk Europe, 3-5 June, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

Meet NeoDay at Shoptalk Europe!

If you’re visiting Shoptalk Europe and are looking to take extend your relationships with your customers to the next level, don’t miss out on the NeoDay experience! Just leave your details in the form and we will do the rest!

Because a big event like Shoptalk Europe really confirms every brands biggest challenge in this ‘Phygital’ future we live in:


With everybody competing for the customers attention, how do brands stand out? 


Therefore loyalty marketing is the missing link in customer experience: providing direct access to interact with your customers: providing a superior customer experience through personalized and relevant engagements.

Thats why we believe loyalty is more than earning points and redeeming rewards.

We believe that lasting relationships between customers and brands are built upon Meaningful Moments


If we know loyal customers cost less, spend more and stay longer.. 


.. Lets show you how to take control with NeoDay Loyalty Platform at Shoptalk!


All you have to do is Share which day you would like to meet, and we will do the rest!


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Meet us in Barcelona

Gabri van der Wagt

Chief Executive Officer

Jurgen Swaans


Kim van der Zande

Chief Commercial Officer